Independent / James Moore: "Morrissey on tour is the last thing Britain needs right now" (July 23, 2022)

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No rules for this Quilloughby tour so ya’ll free to eat animal meat, cheeseburgers, hot-dogs, fried chicken, kebabs etc.
Don't forget to fill yer pockets with meat projectiles as well cause there’s a strong rumour he’s gonna shoot ya’ll with the hot dog machine gun whilst performing Hot Dogs On The Bonfire.

”Quilloughby……Quilloughby……..Quilloughby ”

Benny 🇬🇧:knife:
Yeah! Right on! f*** everyone else! Let's spread diseases!
How’s life, Pete? Are you basking in the glory of God’s graces? Do you remember to stop and smell the odd rose now and then? Are you making the most out of your time? You’re not spending too much time on online negativity, are you, Pete? Remember that I am here for you. 🫶
Such twaddle.

England is in the midst of a terrible economic crisis where people can’t afford to pay to heat their homes, put petrol in their cars to get to work, and more food banks than ever are necessary to keep even people in full time employment fed, but Morrissey daring to sing some songs to paying fans who want to hear them is the problem?

Whoever wrote this article needs to gain some perspective. Take a look at all the political upheavals, wars & famines & dictators & mass shootings & a million other awful things which are making life into such a struggle for the vast majority of people & stop desperately trying to pin the blame on a pop singer who….committed which crime exactly? Asking people to at least read the policies of a party who were for tighter border controls & treating animals better?

The immigration numbers in the U.K have been out of control for years. The home office stated this themselves back in 2012, saying that they needed to be significantly reduced. 10 years later they haven’t been reduced at all. All they did was start charging people huge fees for visa applications & turned the whole situation into a more lucrative business.

But when Morrissey, or anybody else, suggests that it might be to the detriment of our country, they are branded an evil racist.

Japan, for example, have very strict & controlled measures in place regarding immigration but nobody calls them a bunch of racists.

Morrissey is an easy target because he has always refused to explain himself or cower & apologise: something which is increasingly rare in this day & age.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see him live later this year. Long may Morrissey keep on keeping on whilst all the spiteful bores cry into their wet flannels.
what is the point of this, other than trying to get 'likes' from the same wokists who think publicly hating Morrissey makes them cool or suitably liberal? do something new....
What a boring article. Don't you love it when people tell you what to like and not like. Johnny Marr vocally strangling Morrissey lyrics? No thanks. It beats me why people complain about Moz concerts or albums. Just don't go. But don't tell me not to go because (1) it's my choice, (2) it's none of your business, and (3) i don't know you or respect anything you say after you admitted liking Ryan Adams.
so,you wearing a mask all the time?
Preferably one that covers his entire face.

With matching boxing gloves to stop him typing any more messages on this website, or anywhere.

But seriously, hardly anyone has been wearing a mask for many months now, though I have noticed a small increase recently. I think each person should be free to make their own choice without being mocked or condescended to.
Someone fetch me a bucket, I’m going to be sick. Just when we thought we had seen the last of these self-righteous and holier-than-thou articles chock full of nauseating political correctness, The Independent rams this down our throats. God help us all. And God bless Steven Patrick Morrissey.
Post of the day.
That was just a ramble but it's only a blog so who cares. The Independent is a weird little thing these days.

Going to see Johnny Marr though? Sure, if you thought The Libertines were never better than when Carl Barat was trying to carry them then that's good advice.
I agree with James Moore!
Moz should be tourin' the US instead.

Any article about the upcoming UK tour should be questioning if England even deserves an artist like Morrissey, and it could be titled…

England, you’ve lost your boy
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