In the event of your death

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Surely you would like TIALTNGO blasting through the church?
There are so many options available; songs that you love, songs that befit the funeral service occasion, songs where you want to leave a final sarcastic message, and songs that you want to sail out of the world on. I guess also songs that didn't (on this particular occasion) actually save your life.
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I Thought You Were Dead
There is a place for me and my friends.
And when we go, we all will go so I'm never alone.
There is a place with a bit more time and a few more gentler words.
And looking back I won't forgive, and I never will, I never will, I never will.

All that we hope is when we go, our skin and our blood and our bones,
they don't get in your way, making you ill the way they did when we lived.
There is a place, a place in hell, reserved for me and my friends.
And if ever I just wanted to cry, then I will, so I can, and I will.
Back to the Old House
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
Boy with the Thorn in his Side

When you cycled by
Here began all my dreams...
The Kid's A Looker. If I've died, then I want other people to suffer as well.
I choose 'Teenage Father on his Estate' because I'll probably have been murdered by a vigilante chav thug from a housing scheme.

Or failing that 'I'm Not Sorry'.
I'm Not Sorry and Asleep
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