In praise of...getting off the stage (Guardian Editorial page Friday 8th June)


It's all good

Online version here...

..OOOH get him/her!!! a few Morrissey Single Cd's have we ???

If Morrissey ever reaches sir Paul and sir Cliffs age, and STILL plays a blinder like THEY did ( And Tom Jones, And shirley Bassey AND Grace Jones) at a FREE bash, then I will be first in the queue with my Zimmer for tickets...
It seems that the guardian has lately got it "In" for Morrissey...if they want to really get at people who should "Get off the stage", maybe they should target bands/artists Rolling stones? they haven't produced a record of any worthwhile interest since @1984, but will ( Undoubtedly) tour again soon, and charge about 600 quid for a ticket...Ditto U2, who stopped making sense to me in 1991....also Looking forward to the REM re-union anytime soon...Spare house for sale anybody??
P.S., I have no intention of ever going to a Morrissey concert again, but that means nothing....he still manages to "Cut it" ( and magnifecently so) for those who can be bothered to attend....VIVA LE MOZZ!!!
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