In-D TV: Morrissey En El Polyforum - Canal 52MX, Mexico Video/Audio (November 16, 2006)

Famous when dead


  • First Of The Gang To Die
  • I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
  • Let Me Kiss You
  • I Will See You In Far Off Places
  • In The Future When All's Well
With interview segments and promo videos.


An oddity that escaped the wiki / tour list for a while.
This has surfaced on YT a few times - this is the best quality version in full.
Cited to be a 'private' gig, but details are scarce.
It was filmed just prior to the Palacio de los Deportes gig at Mexico City November 16, 2006 - on the same day.
It aired January 27, 2007 via Canal 52MX.
Morrissey sings live to the band miming/backing track - unclear as to why.
I've included audio alongside the video as it's a curiosity and his vocals over the backing track are worth having.
The interview segments are also good.

Full video (Zipped/Vobs - 2.79 gig):

MP3 audio of the songs played (Zipped - 25mb):

There are smaller versions of this, but I'm trying to put out the original versions where possible.
You may have noticed recent posts are trying to combine items to make things more interesting.
To circumvent Google drive problems people have experienced - they are both individual zips and should d/l without issue.
The above links won't be available on Google forever.
All credit to the original encoders and sharers.


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Thank you very much. Thos looks very interesting indeed.


Thank you kindly. This one is such a treat! The interview reveals some crucial bits about his whole philosophy towards music and songwriting. Highly recommended despite the oddly unnecessary lipsynching!
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