Im throwing my arms around paris

what happened to this song how come it was not released on greatest hits.Is it gonna be released

I was wondering about this, at the roundhouse he introduced Mamma Lay Softly On the Riverbed as the last song he would play from the new album, after he sang that he sang Throwing my Arms Around Paris...
Hopefully it will be on new album or released as a single.

Unfortunately some songs were shelved for some reasons (eg I'm Playing Easy to Get).
Oh God!!!!! I'm really in love with this song!!! I really hope to find it in the new album...I always listen to the roundhouse version!!! :rolleyes:

"I have decided I’m throwing my arms around Paris
Because only stone and steel accept my love..."

bye bye!!!
have a nice day!!!
Maybe the plan is to use it as a b-side, along with ‘One day goodbye will be farewell’.
Yeah im thinking B-sides, he's playing both it and ODGWBF way too much to be a forgotten track like Easy to Get
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