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I used to be a big Smiths/Moz fan in the late 80s; dropped out after Kill Uncle. Dropped briefly back in for Years of Refusal, liked some of it; dropped back out. Still very occasionally listen to some songs and still love them. Over the years, I have heard occasional random media screams and shouts about him supposedly being a racist. I don't care enough to investigate, because he just represents a moment from my youth. Just been sitting at work, night shift, reading old interviews. Indulging in some self-admitted misty-eyed nostalgia, really. Dropped in here. Perusing some of the posts here I am really, genuinely confused. Some of the posters here seem to absolutely despise Morrissey. So why would they stick around here? If he has 'disappointed' you like he supposedly has (and I do laugh when seeing the occasional lobotomised Guardian 'journalist' casting aside their youthful Moz/Smiths dalliances like he was a proven serial killer or something), why would you masochistically stick around and gloat and piss on him and his legacy and modern persona? What kind of nutbaggery is that? Seriously.

I could quote a few of the man's lines here about life post-fandom (menace), but why bother? Surely all this tunnel vision rabbit hole hatred is your own damned fault for investing way too much emotion and time and obsessive energy into somebody who is, after all, just a human being at the bottom of it all? f*** did you expect or want? f*** does he owe you, apart from sweet f*** all? You bought his records, not his friendship. Your unscratchable self-disappointment itch at having turned him into some untouchable demigod is your own f***ing fault, not his. Half of you will be negatively reacting to him publicly anyway, cowards, afraid to have your your own free-thinking opinions on him and his work. I mean, he may have touched your life, but...so what? And you choose to repay that by sitting for post after post pissing on him and his work and fans? Even some who are still (supposedly) fans here piss on him! Laughing here in utter disbelief. What bizarre people some of you are! And all these pompous wanks - especially white middle class pompous self-righteous yanks, whom I despise - sitting around cluck-clucking and tut-tutting over him and feeling morally superior - go f*** yourselves. Seriously.

I sometimes idly wonder if he's trying to push some of the more obsessive of you away with whatever weird shit he comes up with. Wouldn't surprise me. Some of you are scary bastards. And if you hated yourself as a teen, rejecting the artist whose work connected with you back then won't help, your historical atonements won't help. You can don sack cloth and ashes all you want in public, decrying your youthful naive innocent pure non-racist-Moz-aware fandom. He still got under your skin. And whether you like to admit it or not, you will still play his work sometimes in the dead of cancel culture nights, after the self-appointed New Puritan censors go to bed, and you will still unconditionally love it forever.

So f*** you, part of you is his forever, much as you might want to try and deny it. And I bet he laughs his arse off sometimes over that.


A lot of people round here never grew up, clearly. Tragic, really. Never too late.

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You know what's even scarier? These people who have latched on to him because they think he is right wing, anti-immigration, racist and standing up for marginalized white people everywhere.

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I’m glad the little fella got away...
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