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Re: I'm OK By Myself......

Fantastic. Your work in the Morrissey/Smiths covers thread was just as amazing.


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Re: I'm OK By Myself......

Really Sailor Moz? Are you really OK by yourself? Because you seem to be screaming in protest and agony at the end of the song, wailing for the pack. Just my take, you know yourself better than anyone.


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That would be a neat sleeve. :)


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I have to agree with the others...this would be a cool sleeve. I like that the band are in the background but Moz still stands out and is the focal point of the shot. It's overdue that Moz let someone else do the sleeves....he can maintaine veto power. Aside from one or two recent sleeves, most are not very memorable.

How do we get Alf on the Moz payroll for sleeve work?

One quip...I don't agree on the song choice though. OK is a good song but single worthy? I prefer Carol but that probably wouldn't go anywhere either.

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