I'm looking for "How Soon Is Now?" : EEC 7 "and Holland 7"


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Hello Morrissey fans!
I am looking for these two commercial releases to feature "How Soon Is Now?" :

"How Soon Is Now?" - EEC 7" [Rough Trade RT166]

"How Soon Is Now?" - Holland 7" [Megadisc RT166]

I've seen recently these 7 "and other interesting articles on the facebook page of" The Smiths & Morrissey Rarities ", but I don't know how to contact the sellers because I'm not registered on facebook!

I thank those who help me.


I’ve looked in Discogs, and there is none there
But, register and add it to your wanted list. You should get one fairly soon
One was on eBay recently and didn’t selfie weeks. Decently priced too.


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Just looked on eBay - 1 for £160 BIN
Thanks for the advice.
I'll add this to my Discogs wishlist.
The one on eBay doesn't convince me the condition of the cover.
I saw one in very interesting condition the day before yesterday for sale on the facebook page of "The Smiths & Morrissey Rarities", but unfortunately, not being registered on facebook, I didn't know how to contact the seller!
Thanks again for answering me
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