im drunk & in the sty

Oh my god. it's Robby!

spontaneously luminescent

the thing about getting off work early is they get me drunk
too drunk, i made this thread so i dont 4get...
Hey Robby! Great thread dude...lovin the cute furry friend :) I think getting drunk is great...its a ball! :D
i slept about an hour this morning, went to the pub, went to work for an hour, came home and couldn't sleep so i just listened to the new album a bunch of times and now i'm starting to drink again. yay.
I wish I was drunk.
Robby, I think you have a problem...
You realize that cute squirrel is dead, right?
yes, a cold bed, unless i cannot feel it is my prob :(
anytime you wanna fix it, i'll give you a try out toots :cool:
Well, there is always cowbell! Chicks love the cowbell!
If you get to skive of work early, woulfnt you just scarper and do something nice away from the place?
I know i would, there'd be smoke coming off my shoes id leave so fast...

take that gorgeous dog of yours for a hike. :)
i know, occupational hazard, i dont pay for it, so its hard to say no :o
but if i had a good woman like you by my side, i am sure i could :rolleyes:
Awww, Robby, someday you'll find a good lady that will take care of you. I guarantee.
robby drinks robby has issues robby is a tool robby rocks
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