I'm against The Smiths reunion because...

I against The Smiths reunion because

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I'm against The Smiths reunion because within minutes all the tickets would be up on ebay for thousands of pounds, to be snapped up by rich tossers who want to be there because it will impress their girlfriend/mates even though they think Morrissey's a bit of a miserable git, only really know How Soon Is Now and will talk through the rest of the set...

I'd prefer no Smiths reunion to a Smiths reunion I can't go to :(

the show would be chock full of tools that are only going so they can say "yea, bro, i was at the smiths reunion gig"


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... hm, I never saw them live, I'm too young for this (maybe the last case, where I'm a virgin), but NO, Moz is in great form, he's a BIG LION now, with the other cats it would result in a fight again... why... but they can be friends, shake hands at premiere of "Mamma mia, I'm the international playboy" musical...
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