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I've compiled 4 lists to create the most comprehensive list of what I have and don't have for the site Illness As Art. I've spent the last couple of days searching through archives and such and found some more scans and have had some success. But I thought I might ask you all if you know of any other scans of music papers or might have any in your possession (or at the very least have seen them available to purchase somewhere). I've made a colour coded list in the following spreadsheet:

Missing Scans as of 1 Oct 2021

- Green means it has been uploaded to Illness As Art,
- Pink means that it has been found but not yet uploaded
- Yellow means it has been found listed for sale

If anyone could take a look at the ones not marked and give any information or point me in any direction, it'd be greatly appreciated. As for the site, I'm now working on uploading from the year 2006, and the older scans that were found will be uploaded once I finish uploading my original archive of scans.


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