I'll take some abuse for this, but...

Saw Morrissey in Chicago a few weeks ago. Been listening to him for pretty much three decades, seen him live a few times over the years. And I have to say...I can't say I'm much impressed by him anymore, to be honest. He's a man well past his artistic prime (notice I'm not saying physical prime; he's not in bad shape for his age)(though he should still keep his bloody shirt on!), whose last album was piss-awful, and he didn't even say anything off-the-cuff of much interest, except some waffle about "insect bites" and being "good looking." He's pretty much a straight nostalgia act to me these days, coasting on past glories, being as prickishly self-righteous and Brigitte Bardotish about animal rights as he ever was, but getting worse in that arena with age. I did enjoy the animal slaughter ("a death for no reason, and death for no reason is burgers") footage, and had time to crack a swift one off at the wrist during it, which did endear him to me somewhat, but really...who cares much anymore, apart from the hardcore obsessives? Seriously.

Some annoying privileged pricks in the front row decided to ruin What She Said for me by doing a super-cliched hug attack...there was some random Mexican stuff to pander to that audience section of his...some cop-shooting footage...turgid waffling rubbish about Scandinavia ("I was bored in a fjord" - hilariously cheesy trash) and Istanbul...flashing lights...vacuous noise...full of sound and fury signifying nothing nada rien zip zero nowt. I mean, it was sort of fun to sing along to solo and Smiths songs, but really...I wasn't moved, or even interested much, at all, and that is the first time I have ever felt that. I know another long-term fan of the man's (who has written extensively about him) who feels exactly the same way, so it's not just me. There are a select few Smiths/Morrissey songs I will always love, but I have outgrown all the mawkish teenage/youthful sentiment in the songs, and listening to them now seems masochistic and pointless, not to mention boring and been-done-to-death.

I guess I'm not a fan of Stephen Patrick Morrissey anymore.

Sure I won't be missed.

Talk amongst yourselves.
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You´ve never been a fan of him, because you cannot even spell his name correctly.

Chill, its a honest mistake sometimes people forget things. The man was not bashing moz he just wanted to get something of his chest. He has the right. Does a person have to be a moz fan forever? After listening to one song, must you sign your soul on to moz and chain yourself to a line of moz fans?.
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I´m extremly chilled and everybody can do or like what he wants.

You could have fooled me love......

"you've have never been a fan" ...... How do you know? From one mistake. I'm not arguing with you I just could see the angry tone.

Either way...... I should carry on
I like him, but i agree that he's a nostalgia act at this point. Except for his fans, people don't care about his current music. It's hard to accept it, but it's the truth :(
I did enjoy the animal slaughter ("a death for no reason, and death for no reason is burgers") footage, and had time to crack a swift one off at the wrist during it...

You mucky pup. There were children at that show. I hope you at least brought some tissue with you.
f*** off, you pathetic waste of human flesh. Only mindless adoration and sycophancy towards Morrissey is tolerated on this site. Be gone!
While Morrissey will always be my #1 favorite, I also feel a bit underwhelmed lately. I saw three shows in 2014 and three in 2015 (for a grand total of 55), and while they had their moments of course, something about them just felt... off. Forced. And I must say "World Peace is None of Your Business" never impressed me much. A handful of good-to-great songs with a LOT of filler. And a number of rather immature posts on TTY over the past year or so, combined with beating the royalty and animal cruelty angles to absolute death (no pun intended) leave me feeling a bit like we've heard it all before.
It amazes me how people (not just with Morrissey) continually expect artists to maintain a high standard decade, after decade, after decade. I can't think of a single artist who, at one point, didn't release something that wasn't up to scratch (artists who haven't died young, of course). From my point of view, he's already given us an arsenal of great songs and albums, it almost seems greedy to keep expecting more and more.

For what it's worth, I really like the new album. There were a few songs that were average, but at this point I'm not expecting a Queen Is Dead or Vauxhall and I. Staircase at the University, for example, is a cracking tune. I've also seen him twice in the past year, and I thought he was great. So it's all a matter of opinion, I guess. I'm just grateful he's releasing (in my view) good material and giving good gigs. I couldn't blame Morrissey if he never released another song or gave another tour, because I think he's already given so much.
You´ve never been a fan of him, because you cannot even spell his name correctly.

Oh that's right, pedantic shut-in c***, I should have said 'Steven'. You're right, I've never been a Moz fan because of that. Pretty much one of the single f***ing stupidest things I have ever read an ostensibly sentient human being write on the net, and that's saying something. I wrote a 2000+ word examination of These Things Take Time on this site cos I hate Step- Steven. I am listening to the f***ing Pablo Cuckoo demo right now. Then again, I don't know about that, cos I have never been a fan. Know WHY I accidentally misspelled his first name? Cos he NEVER goes by it, and 'Stephen' is a much more common spelling. Been listening to, and seeing the man live, longer than you've probably even been alive.
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