Iggy & The Stooges Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Je Suis Julie

"Come on rich people!"
Watch the music execs sweat (can't embed, so click link)



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I can't tell if that was good or awful.

I think,maybe,awful.


Interesting that James Williamson has rejoined The Stooges, some thirty plus years later, after being an executive at Sony in Silicon Valley.

"I gave up being a Stooge to study calculus," he explains over a beer at the Rainbow. "I designed computer chips, working with geeks who had no idea about my past and who wouldn't have heard of the Stooges."


Je Suis Julie

Someone finally uploaded the first song they played, my favorite, outside of Gimme Danger. Search and Destroy!

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What is wrong with Iggy's hips? I've noticed the last few years his hips seem to be out of line and he almost walks with a kind of limp. Does anyone know?
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