If you were to kill yourself, how would you do it?

i would go to a tennis match and hope a ball hits me on the head and does me in :D

I promise you it's not even possible to die from a ball to the head. :rofl: NOt in this lifetime anyway.
I've always thought that dying at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona is a pretty epic way to go.
But first you'd have to buy a Billy Bragg LP.

And surely you don't want leaving HMV with 'Don't Try This At Home' tucked under your arm to be the last memory people have of you do you?


Lord no! And what I know about BB, you have probably forgotten.(I just googled him).

I was just being sarky,which is not like me at all.

A motor racing executive died reportedly after an extreme S&M session with an infamous Belgian dominatrix and her assistant.

He was identified Friday as Robin Mortimer, the 58-year-old founder of RPM Motorsport, a British touring car team. He was in Belgium for this weekend's International GT Open.

Mistress Lucrezia, 46, and Mistress Juno, 38, were arrested at their villa near Brecht, Belgium, and charged with assault and battery following the death on Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities in Antwerp said he may have died after being given nitrous oxide; also known as laughing gas and used as an anesthetic to prolong sadistic sex sessions.

On her website Mistress Lucrezia warns she offers "bondage, humiliation, torture, education and cross-dressing" with sessions lasting between one hour and three days. She is said to be a regular guest of the British S&M scene.

Het Nieuwsblad newspaper reported that Mortimer's family reacted with shock when they were told of the apparent circumstances of his death.

An earlier statement from the family read: "It is understood that Robin died of natural causes in his sleep at a hotel in Belgium while traveling with his team en route to Spa Francorchamps.

"Alex Mortimer, Robin’s British GT Championship-winning son, hopes to compete in the International GT Open taking place at Spa this weekend, June 26-27, alongside Peter Bamford, in honor of his father.

"Robin’s wife Bridget, fondly known as Biddy, and Alex are grateful for the continued messages of condolence and support but respectfully request privacy at this difficult time.
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