If you were to kill yourself, how would you do it?

Whichever way it might be done, what'd be the point of it all?

Life will get you eventually anyway, sooner or later. ;)
Drinking polluted water, breathing polluted air, eating foods full of preservatives, driving instead of walking, spending time on the internet instead of socializing, and not taking my vitamins. It would take years.
OD on Benzos and muscle relaxers.
Can I just be deprived of oxygen while I sleep? Please? :)
I would like it if I could just end up quietly without leaving my family a mess to clean up.
There's also the jumping off a bridge, but I'd have to travel abroad to find such a tall bridge, and I can't underestimate the power of the self-preservation instinct.
Now I'm going to read the whole thread for ideas.
Seriously? I know people think these sort of questions are horribly morbid and a bit strange, but I have asked people this a few times out of pure curiosity myself. So, umm...pills. Probably. I'm a wimp, so I'd never be a wrist-slashing or multi-storey-carpark leaping suicide case. Although: did anyone see that programme where Michael Portillo was trying to find the perfect, humane method of execution, and it turned out to be a gas mask which just sends you euphoric for a few moments and then kills you painlessly and quickly? That would be a nice way to go, I think.
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