If you could choose one song, would it be Solo or Smiths?

If you could only choose one song out of Morrissey's discography...

  • I would choose one by The Smiths

    Votes: 38 53.5%
  • I would choose one from Morrissey's solo career

    Votes: 33 46.5%

  • Total voters

King Leer

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Riffing off of the post earlier down the page about Marr losing his footing in Houdini's ongoing poll -- If you could only choose one track out of Morrissey's entire discography, would you go for a song by The Smiths, or something from Moz' solo career.

Obviously the solo years have a lot more to choose from, but we're talking one track that you couldn't do without.


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With absolutely no doubt about it, my favorite Smiths/Morrissey song is "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out".

There's so many great songs after that, but I would next choose "Everyday Is Like Sunday" and "Suedehead".


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'i know it's over'


everyday is like Sunday

come armageddon come armaggedon come

King Leer

Leering since '97
Think it would be Speedway for me, but it's a tough one! I'm much more of a solo fan, but The Boy With the Thorn...would be up there, too.

I see the poll is very close.


all i ask of you...
For me it would have to be Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others.
send me the pillow.....

I didn't know you dug that song that much!

for me it is 'Tomorrow' and anyone who knows me knows this!


very very good poll...i chose morrissey-solo. the top ten would be solo...Speedway, Now My Heart is FUll, Disappointed,..i could go on. jack the ripper. my love life

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