if you could change ONE thing about morrissey..........

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you may, thanks for asking.

look, im still ill, as the italian-americans in my family might say, i got no beef wit choo, see...
...but it was pretty funny. :D

First off, I didn't ask you s**t.

Secondly, i now got beef wit choo for disrespecting me motherf*****

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I'm with her on this one. If I could change one thing it would be making him realise that he wants to take me to bed. Not unreasonable; I'm an attractive lady. If only he liked ladies.....


If I could change one thing about Morrissey I would make him want to play Well I Wonder this upcoming tour.


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I'd like moz to hire me as his new guitarist/bassist/keyboardist/cowriter. Not saying i have anything against the current band, i'd just love to work with them and have my name next to moz's in a songwriting credit.
This is my dream of a lifetime.


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I wouldn't change a thing. If he's happy with who he is, who am I to tell him he's wrong?


stay as you are...enough said;)


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I wouldn't change much about him I suppose, because a lot of his faults are what make him as interesting as he is. They're nothing too major, anyways, none that I can think of at least. That's probably a cliche answer but ooooh well. However, I'm not one of those people that think Moz is untouchable and can do no wrong, but ya know what I mean.


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If I could change anything about him, or more to the point,
if I had the power or opportunity to, I would only change
his sadness.....:)


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I don't like Kill Uncle at all and perhaps I will get many against me now, by saying this, but I think Morrissey would be better off without that album ever been made. xD

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I would make him my BF forever.

I had to write 'BF' because I can't decide between best friend or boyfriend :p
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