idiot love cover morrissey

thanks for posting that bob. i can take criticism and children making fools of themselves by tryng to be clever.
the lyric, if you think about it, is relevant to this forum.
as in-you don't like it, but shut up if you can't do it yourself.
"find out for yourself".
i've been in bands since i was 14, and i've had some really good insults from people when computers just meant calculators, and ping-pong games, but this is just pathetic.
i honestly think morrissey's taking the piss now, his sense of humour is complex.
i hate morrissey?
why do i think everything the smiths recorded is genius?
and for you cali kids, i've got a "the queen is dead" t shirt, and mommy never payed for it.
i'm on johnny marrs' favourites on myspace, i'm getting mail from visconti, so this all seems ridiculous.
i got over 2000 plays on that cover, and a lot of good feedback.
there's a dumb musical joke there, regarding amplifiers and putting an electric guitar against the speaker.
cheers mate, eric the err........f***tard?
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