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This pandemia is changing people's lives. Some things won't happen again for some time. New things will appear. It's time for resignation of for new ideas.

A comic actor (Casciari) had to suspend his upcoming shows. He is telling right now in a radio program that yesterday he decided to tag in Twitter the managers of some food companies to sponsor his new idea: an upcoming live YouTube stream with access through a code, that at the same time will allow people to receive a menu of their choice in their home. If people live in a city where the food company doesn't have a service, he will send the buyer of the ticket one of his books. If there are more people in the viewer's home it's possible that they buy more food to the same company, being that circumstance the core of the business for the food company. He is right now selling tickets in Latinoamerica and Spain and says he will have interaction with the audience during the show.

I guess that a lot of people will become youtubers for some time or forever. In the future someone will invent a proper platform exclusively designed to replace live musical shows with some bonus, like exclusive vinyls, t-shirts, books and so on. Yes, I'm thinking about Morrissey :)
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