Poll IANADOAC cd has the best tiniest lyrics ever

Do you like the tiny lyrics?

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So tiny that I can't even read 'em!

This calls for a poll tiny poll!
I can just about read them with my brand new reading glasses I bought yesterday -- except the lines that are printed on top of the darker parts of the picture of a collapsing building. Oh God, how I hate when bands do this. They should reward the diminishing numbers of the people actually buying physical records by giving us a proper booklet with the lyrics in a decent-sized font and definitely not printed on top of some distracting picture.
In my rush to get lyrics out ASAP, I tried the CD sheet to photograph first as I was reluctant to open the vinyl.
Even with the macro setting on my phone - no joy. Far, far too small - like a book viewed from a satellite.
I guess 'gate-fold' & 'lyric sheet' can bump up the price a tiny bit?
Anyone with hyperopia needn't bother trying to decipher it.
they should really take the needs of an ageing fanbase more seriously. ?‍♂️?‍♀️
I can read it, but it is tiny. And I probably ruined my eyesight trying make out 'roasted' & 'no longer' in Darling.
All designed around LP and scaled down . CSon was same?
I got my copy today from Amazon who originally said delivery date would be 19th April? Its a gatefold version with the lyrics on the inside and I can't read a bloody word! Looking forward to listening to it tomorrow while answering e mails from angry holiday makers!! FFS its not my fault the government have put travel restrictions in place?
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