Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull selects Morrissey in Top 5 Albums He Can't Live Without, for Spin (19 May 2023)

Name Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull

Best known for Standing on one flute playing my leg….

Current city A field outside a small village in the Southwest of the UK. Do people still actually live in cities?

Really want to be in Pretty much where I am right now. Or somewhere like this, near this. Not too far from a train station and a major international airport. But has to have trees and gardens. Not roads and traffic. Or too many people…

Excited about The release of the new Jethro Tull album RökFlöte [April 21] and then the next project for release in 2024. Plus, visiting old and new friends on tour in several countries throughout 2023.

My current music collection has a lot of Handel and Morrissey.
And a little bit of Foreigner, Frank Zappa, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and The Stranglers.

Preferred format Downloaded and paid-for music on my phone or computer. Long time since I bought CDs or Vinyl records. But important to listen on very good headphones or speakers. But I am not a big music fan. I prefer reading news, politics, and current affairs. With occasional Scandi noir novels or Stephen King.

5. The Best of Morrissey, Morrissey


"I didn’t know Morrissey at all until very recently when I read some controversial comments reported in the media. Having then listened to some early songs, I bought his autobiography in which he reveals the traumas and tribulations of childhood and his early days with The Smiths through to the recent past. But his songs have a real elegance and are built around economical and minimalist melodies. Poetic, insightful lyrics and not half as miserable as people make him out to be! A bit of a humorist, actually. Works with great musicians of that genre and seems to be having a good time on stage. I am a buyer of compilations, generally, as they serve as a good introduction to artists of all times and musical styles."

From: https://www.spin.com/2023/05/5-albu...hro-tull/?mc_cid=bcebe3338a&mc_eid=d933c6562e

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Best known for Standing on one flute playing my leg….
Damn, that's a fine compilation album. I'd forgotten about that one. Ian Anderson spent his adolescent years living in or near Blackpool, and apparently hated it. And his parents were strongly religious Presbyterians (though they seemed like real nice folks, to just by an old tv documentary interview with them, circa 1969). I'm guessing 'Everyday is Like Sunday' really strikes a chord with him.
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