Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) on Morrissey - Classic Album Review / YouTube (April 18, 2023)

Ian Anderson ( Jethro Tull ) on Morrissey (33:29 mark)
" Morrissey gets my thumbs up "

Great interview by the way !!!

Sam should put this on Central and Morrissey should sing Aqualung on summer tour !!!
God Bless Morrissey , God Bless Ian Anderson . The Legends .
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probably easier to do if you’re playing the nose flute.
I wonder if Ian found out the Truth about Ruth :p
Curious that Anderson identifies Roger Waters as rock’s chief mouthy pariah—and
so ultimately the Pink Floyd protagonist has overtaken the punk upstarts in the ‘controversy’ (by which I mean challenging/questioning) stakes?

You never can tell where life leads.

Waters’ recent interview in The Telegraph was fascinating.

Morrissey is perhaps doing himself a disservice by no longer facing down the media: he was once brilliant at it—though he carried a broadsword rather than a rapier in later interviews. Nevertheless, I miss that aspect of his art.
Love it when two separate musical tastes of mine acknowledge one or the other positively.

I've been listening to Tull for longer than the Smiths and they are worlds apart but if you appreciate performance art and musical expertise then try Tull at their peak.

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