"I Won't Share You" cover (Demo) by Tiger

Len writes:

How lovely is this? 17, not at all clumsy and...

I Won't Share You - The Smiths cover (Demo) by Tiger
- SoundCloud

Hearing beautiful covers like this reminds me just how brilliant the music and lyrics were. God I miss those times. I wish they would bury the hatchet and make beautiful music together again.

ugh same! i don't even want a smiths reunion (i wouldn't complain if it happens tho) but i would love if moz and marr make music together again (cue the moz is better without marr blah blah blah marr is overrated bs i don't want to hear it)
I felt her vocal on the song was a bit thin and cold. I believe she is talented and will do well with her own music, but this cover was not very inspiring. What it did do is remind me of how wonderful of a song it is. Morrissey's vocal is so full and rich that any comparison is doomed from the start. But more than his beautiful voice is the connection he makes to the lyric and how he makes the listener believe, that at the very least, he is not prepared to share this person with anyone.

His true gift is to solicit feelings so deep that they can make you cry or laugh out loud uncontrollably. More than any other artist it is this "gift", and I call it a gift because it is built in him, part of his being that just emerges when he sings that is so captivating. It was the first thing that drew me to his music and the one thing that brings me the most happiness when I listen to my favorite songs of his. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, Trouble Loves Me, Nobody Loves Us, etc. etc. etc. For all his recent rants and diatribes there will always be his music. When he is dead and gone and the TTY posts are no more, his music will be there for other generations to discover and enjoy so the rest is just dust in the wind no matter how much our friend Brummie might protest otherwise.
That's a really nice version of a fantastic song!!!
To be honest it sounds fairly average both vocally and musically to me. She looks pretty, mind you.

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