I Won't Share You banner at Anfield today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bluebirds, Nov 10, 2019.

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    This is the thing: you wasn’t there. The off visit every blue moon. Weirdo.
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    So you stopped following United since they stopped winning trophies.
    You are as plastic as they come.....
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    Now you are desperate and of course I was and for me it meant more than to those living there. It was like being in a movie and I was able to live the dreams I had as a boy.

    I am ok with you being jealous cause you should be.

    FYI the moon is not blue.
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    I stopped when they were still winning them but you failed to read it properly cause you are mad about something. I would be to if I was you cause you will never experience the things I did and no side from now on will enjoy the kind of era United had.

    I felt that them completing it in Sweden was a sign but my reason for not following football (I became a fan of football first then United) had to do with english clubs going the way of the politicians in the country and banning people with a different political view.

    I cannot in any way back a dictatorship run by lefties which is where England and football is these days. On top of that the type of football played now is not entertaining in any way. Imports finally killed the game off when before great players came now only divas come who spit their dummy when not selected.

    The game is a shambles. But thanks for the memories football and United.
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    Who are you trying to convince? Yourself by the sound of it. I dont recall you saying after the Europa League victory "that is it for me..."
    But with hindsight that is the greatest excuse you can offer.
    Football isnt entertaining now? You clearly havent been watching City for the past few seasons and Liverpool too. Spurs to some extent until April and Chelsea this season.
    Typical arrogant smug out of town United fan..... All full of himself when winning, mocking those fans of clubs not winning.... As soon as the tide turns you are jumping overboard and bailing out..... You equate happiness when watching your team to winning trophies. You claim success meant more to you - a glory hunting Swedish buffoon - than it did to local United fans. What a complete and utter tosspot you are. Please stop embarrassing yourself.
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    That's because as an anon here many confuse many posts to be mine when they are clearly not

    Again your jealousy is hard to comment on. I lived the dream when young and you did not.

    Why do I read that there are empty seats at Old Trafford and many other grounds these days even for top games?

    Because the game died ages ago and you know it. I had no idea Chelsea are running away with the league title or is that just a claim from a deluded fan?

    Top games used to be exciting now one side win it easily with a few goals. It's not the same and the reasons are many. You're just desperate to pretend it is now your side are finally winning a few titles.

    The only reason people follow a side is cause they want to see the players lift trophies and anything else is meaningless. I was glad to be part of that and I am pleased and fulfilled and one of few given the chance to live the dream.

    You are mad cause the game is dead and the gloss is gone and no one cares when your side wins something like they did when my side did. Man United is the only driving force in football and when they are gone no one cares about it. Weird I know but it has always been like that even in the 80's when they were shit.

    You've only come to see United. I have moved on like you do when you mature and find real meaning in life. Weird that United still have the most PL trophies, the others better get a move on before United start picking up again next year when the saudis will shower them with cash.
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    And there we have the out of town / country glory hunter in a nutshell....

    People do not follow a football team to see them win trophies therefore be happy. You do not chose a team. Your team choses you! You support the team your family supports and support them through thick and thin.
    Some of the best days and trips I have had in my life have been watching my team home and abroad. Win lose or draw we had a great time and a laugh with my dad or brother or best friends. Great memories all connected to our love of our team. And the one time our team got to a cup final and won well all the crap times were repaid 10 fold and our enjoyment of that one moment made everything worthwhile. We all went to work and kids went to school and all of us sharing that great moment with like minded local fans.

    United win a cup and you head straight to Red Cafe to talk to your "friends" whilst sat all alone in your bedroom.
    You see your friends on the street and boast about your chosen team winning sonething "hey my team hundreds of miles away that i chose to follow even though i have no connection to the town, but they win things, well they just won again"
    And your friends cross over to avoid you. Again. So you come on here and Red Cafe and bore us all.

    You will never know the true feeling of your own town team that you have followed and family have followed winning a cup and the whole towm coming together and celebrating.

    I could change my team and follow Bayern or Juve or Ajax or PSG and buy a shirt and a scarf and subscribe to watch their games and visit one game a season and celebrate victories and cups.... What a very hollow existence and fake life that is..... Just like you. Hollow and fake.
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    When will you realise that I am only pulling your leg trolling to make you angry.

    I enjoyed my football watched United win it all over and over again and lived the dream.

    It was exotic for me going there as for locals it is their every day life so I enjoyed myself royally.

    I didn't bother reading your post cause you don't know me but you are jealous of me. You will never go abroad to follow football and get mates there and on top of that see them win the lot.

    Every fan wants their side to win and play in a style they find entertaining. I got all that and more.

    Red Cafe is the worst football website of them all and it has always been the case. Run by an irish twat who after Barcelona 1999 went to Stockholm and Grand Hotel for a week. Cannot stand him or the other commies on that website.
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    Ill repeat.
    Your opinion is irrelevant.
    Your once a year jaunt to OT does not put you in the “I Was There” category.
    You are unknown.

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    So you didn't read my post - but quote Red Cafe that i mentioned twice at the end ha ha ha
    You say I dont know you and then state I have never seen my team play abroad yet you dont know me.....
    Finally i call you out for being the prick you are and all of a sudden you throw in the 'oh i am only trolling you" nonsense.
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    Red Caf was sticking out like a sore thumb.

    I love your jealousy and energy. You will never have the experience I had.
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    So why are people still talking about me and why is my photo behind the bar at one pub and why did people come up to me at the Europa League final?
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    It’s got to stop.
    It’s not trolling, it’s lying. You’re delusional.
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    But why is it such a problem for you and why are you so obsessed with me?

    I travelled to Manchester to follow United in the 90's up until 2001 and here you are in 2019 all mad and upset about it.

    I was just lucky to meet the right people and ended up being part of something that at the time was the center of the universe that everyone talked about.

    I was just lucky but I did live out my childhood dream a hundred times over. You just need a hug.
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    Ha ha you mean a picture of you ir a picture that you are in.

    You dont know me so do not assune i will never or ever had what you have had.
    Like i said, i could switch clubs and support Barca or Bayern and see sucxess like you did - but having no affinity to either of those cities it would mean nothing to me.....
    Jealous of you? I am full of pitty for you that you had to seek "happiness" via the jumping on to the success of a football team that was a 2 hours flight time away or an over night ferry away from where you live.
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    I no longer read your bitter posts and only want to know why this attack on me and why you are so jealous and never letting go.

    The answer is that you're fascinated with me and jealous. You missed out on the glory days when football peaked and now fans sit with smartphones yawning next to empty seats where singing is banned if the song is not okayed by the club.

    I feel so sorry for the fans of today who are sent to Auschwitz cause they have to go there but there is a way out and a life away from football with political campaigning and marching and more.

    Find your new home among us nationalists and instead of scripted fights on a football field you can tackle and fight for real and bleed for your race and your country and your own people and those that feel the same as you.

    Football always had a nazi aura to it and the reason why english fans in particular salute Hitler abroad at away games is because they belong to that movement and believe in white pride but football can no longer harbour the freedom these people once found in it.

    Join us and fight for yourself and drop football who is run by jews and muslims and corrupt european politicians and governing bodies. The stadiums are like silent libraries and the atmo is gone and buried.

    You are trying to preserve something that is cold and dead but you need to move on.
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    Why this "attack" on you?
    Simply because you come on here spouting shit! Constantly.
    No jealousy. Just fed up of your boring shite day in day put.
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    This is silly and could you two stop?

    You seem jealous and you have no arguments and just post meaningless things about something that took place in the 90's.
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