I Won't Share You banner at Anfield today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bluebirds, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Promise me to come back in May and post that picture again in your fave thread the book of condolence thread.
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    He’s had more football teams than Morrissey’s had spurious medical diagnosis
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    His dad had trials for the club and took his son to their games. But telling that to people is as hard as making them understand that Moz is gay.

    People here live in denial and make Moz to be someone to fit their agenda. Some Grimsby fan is probably dead sure he supports them.


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    should have thrown the twat In the pier.
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    The corrupt football bosses are now going all in as Sterling is axed from the England squad showing the bias towards Liverpool on all levels. The things they will win will not come from merit but from several football governing bodies feeling they somehow owe it to the club for Hillsborough.

    The game cannot get more sick than this as every english football studio is flooded by ex Liverpool players. Corruption is wide spread and in Sweden no less than 19 games were rigged during the last season and that was just as lower second tier level a report revealed yesterday.

    I sincerely doubt that any top level games and trophies for the past 10 years have been won on merit by the best side.
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    As I’ve said: you’re from Sweden which renders your views pointless.
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    We always beat the english at football before corruption took over. Bobby Charlton was weeping every time. Last time the scousers won the league it was because of a swedish defender in their side.

    English football would have been nothing without swedes.

    Anders Limpar
    Tomas Brolin
    Glenn Hyse'n
    Jesper Blomqvist

    List too long to mention but they set the english game alight and you ate all the pies. 19 games in Sweden tier 2 rigged, imagine top flight football and all that is at stake.

    Bruce Grobbelaar took the bung and let the goals in Barcelona and Liverpool the two biggest fraud clubs in the world they have done it before and are doing it now.

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    One of the most misinformed comments ever posted on here.
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    I agree and you should stop doing it.
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    His nonsense made even more pathetic by the fact (domestically) have won very little. it’s the age old problem with out of town fans, they’re almost desperate to fit in and be accepted. United will never accept a Swedish racist.
    And yes, the irony.
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    Weird that they did and that you fail to realise United is the most diverse club in the world when it comes to fans. I met all kinds on the political spectrum from local communists to away day nazis.
    Away in Europe the United nazis dominated the terraces not that you know anything about it.
    Domestically United have won the league 20 times which is the record that Liverpool have to chase but your knowledge in football is zero but thanks for making that clear to everyone in your post.
    I fitted in so much some struggled to accept that I was swedish and only my looks made some, not all, believe it. I even spent half an hour on the phone with a friend of a friend over there who was from Bolton who finally gave up and believed that I was from Sweden.
    I have lived the dream and seen them win the lot over and over again while your sides were complete shit which means you lost out on the fun when you were young and had the time and energy.
    Enjoy the glory from the couch with the missus and kids in the way.
    Scousers are cheating bastards that should be put down at birth and they killed their own and then nicked their wallets and rings and necklaces. A plague on british society for all time.
    Celtic is the YNWA club and at least they can sing it cause scousers cannot sing for the simple reason there is something wrong with their throats.
    Midwives all over the place trying to cut their throats makes them sound like that.

    20 times 20 times Man United
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    Sweden and Finland is better than England.

    The swedes will win it at Wembley and all your women left you for swedes going

    "we want a Skarsgård between our legs
    our men have wooden teeth and no future"
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    Liverpool is the only english club to have had a cheating goalkeeper playing for them taking money to let goals in and that is all you need to know. He was so daft he got caught on a video admitting it.

    Liverpool then went from that to paying bungs to win in Europe as european bosses got paid to make referees cheat and Barcelona to collapse.

    That winning goal from the corner is the most convincing evidence of cheating in football on that level ever. Messi was so furious he had to cheat and he is still angry about it and when he retires he will speak the truth.

    Liverpool "we won in Europe on muddy fields in Bulgaria" FC.

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    Some of us are so open minded we prefer to support a side abroad embracing the idea of no borders and diversity and equality.

    Come to think of it hand me the Nobel peace prize now!

    The english game has never been english and never will be. It was made up of players from Great Britain and other countries. The game only came good when scottish players and managers made english teams win trophies at home and abroad.

    The english have never had any success on their own at all in football. Diversity and globalism paved the way for english club sides having some success.

    Brexit may kill the game completely. Scottish managers made Liverpool and United win trophies while the english sat in the stands eating pies.

    How useless are the english people when you study it?
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    Stop reading The Sun
    You really are embarrassing yourself, MUFC and Sweden.
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    I am one of few refusing to accept lies in order to pave things over and give criminals the freedom to get away with murder. Unlike most here I have studied it and the fact they took so long to come up with lies is because scousers threatened to murder people and therefor the ones in power backed down.

    There was never any tragedy as a tragedy is an accident but those moron hooligans forced their way in and killed their own. The gate lie is a lie. The only guilty on the day were fans of Liverpool.

    We live in times when criminals are running the agenda and whole governments back down and play their flute. Svousers will always be scousers and they are awful people who never at any time are prepared to accept the blame.

    The whole investigation is a farce from beginning to end.
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    Ignore him. A fantasist and liar.
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    You are correct..... Pretty sure he is arguing with himself half the time making up the conversatons to suit his very warped mind.

    Isn't he due another suicide claim? Dont think he has had one this year. Yet.
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    I was trolling the lot of you and could not care less. I hate football and stopped following it when United won the last trophy remaining in Sweden in 2017 and that completed it for me.
    I have never followed anything for life and always moved on finding new things. Life is too short to spend time following something all your life.
    My friends over there are dead and buried and the country and the game is too for me. But for those who love it keep enjoying it but only as long as it is fun and not filled with politics and things that cloud your judgement.
    I am just happy I was there for the glory years when the game peaked and provided senseless entertainment with real fans in the stands that could sing and fill the places with atmosphere.
    Some have no idea what they missed out on but old videos is a clue. Now please argue amongst yourselves and leave me out of it.
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    I tried it 5 minutes ago give me 5 more and I will try again.

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