'I Wish You Lonely' next single...? Update - Official Lyric video posted

UPDATE Oct. 25:

Posted by Famous when dead:

The lyric video had resurfaced:

Also posted as a single on Spotify:

...if there are indeed such things as 'singles' anymore?

about an hour ago í got sent an e-mail update from the MorrisseyVEVO account announcing that they had just uploaded a new video 'I Wish You Lonely (Official Lyric Video) '.

By the time í saw the e-mail and clicked the link, the upload had been removed.

Just in time for Xmas...? :p

Posted by Famous when dead:

Oh...and this too:

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According to a album review on here it sounds better on the album, "bolder" I think was one of the words they used. And the reviewer in the Q magazine review picked it out as one of the key tracks.

I like it but I'm not sure it's what I would have chosen. I'm not sure it's radio friendly. It doesn't really have chorus as such.
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Someone mentioned a few days ago that is the only other song with a working link on the iTunes store, suggesting that it is indeed likely to be the next single. I haven't really heard it but I don't get the impression that it's many people's favourite (of the songs previewed to date). Does it have a decent chorus?

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Apologies TB - hadn't seen your response when I posted. So no obvious chorus - that does not bode well!
Can’t imagine why they’d choose that as the next single. Jackie would be a better choice as it has an easy repeatable line and hook but oh well. Home has a building quality to it so maybe they thought it wasn’t immediate enough and I guess they could have thought all the young people to different from morrisseys identifiable sound. When you open your legs could be seen as vulgar like irregular commented. I don’t know, it’s just my least fav of the new songs
Could be Home is a Question Mark. I mean, it does have bells on it and Christmas is almost just around the corner! I did think it would be All the Young People Must Fall in Love, but I Wish You Lonely is a good shout.
Home Is A Question Mark and I Wish You Lonely, in that order, are the best two songs out of the seven unveiled so far.
I very much hope these are the next two singles.
The pre-album campaign hasn't been too bad so far (somewhere well above Harvest and just below Attack).
That said, something a bit more cohesive would be nice. A lyric video before a digital release before a physical release isn't great (as evidenced by STDIB being available for a month already and the vinyl release 3 days away).
Not a huge complaint, but if charts are an obsession of his - not selling physical copies at the same time the digital 'single' is doing well is just daft.
It seems tokenistic to chuck Judy Is A Punk on as a b side to a single that didn't feature it digitally.
Nor is there any indication that it will be released digitally (and doing so would undermine the concept of a single as since when do b sides appear over a month later!? ).
The music press/shops still talk in terms of singles in the classic sense of the term (despite the modern digital market) and BMG seem at odds with that a tiny bit.
Most online presence for STDIB still says the new Morrissey single is due for release on the 27th - when, in fact, it's been and gone in chart terms already.
I'd hope someone about to do similar with the next 'single' would have the idea to release the physical / digital music at exactly the same time with all tracks being available too
(*Edit: Too late!*).
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Hmmmm. It sounds pretty solid. Jury out on the song, for me, though it is memorable. Overall much more robust vocally than the recent Maida Vale performance.
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