I was wrong, baseball rocks

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Who said baseball was boring?:thumb:

Jukebox Jury
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I love me some Derek Jeter.


oh that's right, it was the other one.

Yes it was ARod. He's dating Cameron Diaz now.
Derek used to date Mariah Carey but luckily Joe Torre made him break up with her.


Wasted 8 of 9 lives...
I would love to go to a baseball game. I would also like to go to America - 2 birds one stone!

I can just imagine myself sat in a massive stadium, wearing team colours (any) a cap and a big foam hand, whilst stuffing myself with food and drinking beer until I was mildly pissed (1 bottle :D).

Can you drink beer at Baseball games? The foam hand might restrict me.... Maybe I'd get one of those hats you can put beer cans in!

I suppose if I'm going to represent England properly though I would need to get hammered, start a fight and then throw up all over myself/wee in a doorway while wearing Union Jack shorts or something...seems to work for some of our football 'fans'. That's 'soccer' to you Yanks by the way :p


Wasted 8 of 9 lives...
Tennis is quite good too. There are loads of different versions of this - I think it was being recorded more than the game:


Edit: Sorry - can't friggin embed it for some reason!
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