I Wanted to Believe in Morrissey (Or His Music, at Least) - Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu (2017)

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    I Wanted to Believe in Morrissey (Or His Music, at Least) - Talkhouse
    With Low in High School, Moz commits sacrilege against himself.
    By Jamie Stewart | December 13, 2017


    This review of Morrissey’s Low in High School was very challenging. On alpha-and-omega personal levels, Morrissey is hands-down my favorite lyricist, the one from whom I have learned and stolen the most. Though Morrissey might not approve of the religious association here, to me, he is the Father. The albums he made with the Smiths and His solo records will forever be in my lifelong top 10: The first time I ever had sex in an appropriate way was while listening to Hatful of Hollow. I had a Smiths poster on bedroom wall until I was 32. I have seen Morrissey in concert more than any other artist. My brother, barber, and first boyfriend all have Morrissey tattoos. He is very important to me, and I feel unworthy of critiquing the man who essentially raised me musically. Essentially, I want to believe in Him. I have, since I was a teenager, needed to believe.

    It was also challenging because His last record was unlistenable. 2009’s Years of Refusal is one of His best ever ever ever, but I couldn’t even get through 2014’s World Peace is None of Your Business. I was shocked—maybe I just hate dogs? Either way, because of it, I nervously entered into writing this nervously.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 3, 2019.

    1. vegan cro spirit 111
      vegan cro spirit 111

      right, because :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: learned all that crucial cometry information while working on a coal mine.
      only work mr cometry done recently is talking moz 24/7.:whip:
      or the timboots learned about gay photos from digging ditches.
      or new order learning all 'music complete'doh:from being a billionaire real estate agent like you know
      or the pet shop cunts from scrubbing blue textiles doh:

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    2. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      This post is not directed entirely at you FWD, but directed to all, though I like to know what you think, if you want. :)

      I believe it’s a very conscious decision on his part to not write the way he use to, to deliberately distance himself from the person he once projected he was ( though more or less still is).
      One can also think of his change of writing style in the same way Bowie changed costume and characters.

      Most artists have the desire to ‘move on’ to at least feel like they’re growing/progressing
      even if it looks like self sabotage or loses older fans.

      Take for example the comparison of the lyrics of ‘What do you see in him?’ and
      ‘Wonderful Woman’.
      I can see ‘What do you see in him?’ in its simplicity as a later solo song, maybe as a b-side with a haunting backing track penned by Boz.

      Then look at his decision to take ‘What do see in him?’
      and go out of his way to make it more cryptic, poetic, richer. This is a conscious move on his part, something that I believe is still in his control.

      The bits of lyrics we have for the aborted Smiths song ‘A matter of opinion’ can also read like a later solo song.

      “Oh, sit by the fire with your book
      and pretend that you're active
      But the very last stage of a nuclear age
      is not attractive"

      "God bless the boys on the factory floor"

      "This is just something that happens to other people"

      "When will you stand up and say what you really want to?"

      "Oh, it's all a matter of opinion"

      I think at this age he would just rather relax a little and not spend the time he does have left beating his brains out trying to be clever or repeating his past, just get to the point and move on, no more ‘poems’ no more swinging gladioli.

      His new lyrics are neither better or worse in comparison to his earlier writing, IT IS JUST DIFFERENT.

      And if you can’t enjoy it? ....

      You know where the door is.

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    3. Anonymous
      Why? This is an article from 2017. It’s badly written. The author displays both immaturity and narcissism. We’re all very well acquainted with the album and have already formulated our own opinions about each song and the lyrics we like, or dislike.

      Which all brings me back to that question. Why has this been put on here?
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    4. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Those paying attention would see the reproduction of a 2017 article about WPINOYB by an anon was probably inspired by the recent 2019 article that cites said interview (see the first page of this thread). If the anon posting the link feels like it, perhaps they could explain things to your satisfaction.
      That's my theory though.
      That said, the current moaning by people about the content here appears to demonstrate their inability to 'scroll past' things they don't like or find anything better to contribute themselves.
    5. Anonymous
      Nope. That’s not answered my question. That might explain a forum post, but for the life of me I can’t see how it makes the main page.
    6. Anonymous
      Do you know if the Pet Shop Boys have said stuff against Morrissey? I know that Johnny Marr worked with the Pet Shop Boys at one point. Brian Harvey who is formally from the pop band "East 17" also has a connection with the Pet Shop Boys because of their manager Tom Watkins. Brian Harvey also has a connection with the Kray twins. Brian Harvey is a proper Londoner born and bred. It would be interesting to know all the connections Brian Harvey has with Morrissey. I think that Morrissey might be interested to know what has happened to Brian Harvey in recent years. It is similar in some ways Morrissey. I'm supportive of both Morrissey and Brian Harvey. They are both fighting against the system in their own ways.

      I love that Morrissey stands up for Judeo-Christian values. Morrissey has a real love for Israel which is great. From what you are saying it sounds like the Pet Shop Boys might be antisemitic and are possibly against Christianity. The sad thing is that the Pet Shop Boys will get very little love and support from the Islamic community. Muslims are very against homosexuals in fact they really hate them. I think that the Pet Shop Boys are very stupid to alienate themselves from the Jewish community and the Christian community.

      I understand your anger towards Johnny Marr. Johnny Marr hasn't been supportive of Morrissey in recent years at all. Johnnny Marr has done nothing to support Morrrissey in his political views. Also Johnny Marr's music in recent years hasn't been that great. Some believe that Johnny Marr might have sold his soul to the devil like bluesman Robert Johnson allegedly did on the crossroads to be a great guitarist. Johnny Marr obviously isn't a Christian with his interest in New Age spirituality. If you are a Christian you might want to pray for Johnny Marr that he comes out from all this damaging spiritual stuff that he is involved with. I believe that deep down Johnny Marr isn't a bad person it would just be nice if he was more supportive towards Morrissey.

      Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke and Craig Gannon are not good people at all they are actually far worse than Johnny Marr. Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke have caused so much pain, trauma and trouble in Morrissey's life. They drained Morrissey financially and publicly humiliated him. Maybe you or someone else should write a list of all the haters of Morrissey. Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke are up there as two of the major Morrissey haters. They have been haters for many years now before it became almost fashionable to hate on Morrissey and to bash him. There is a lot of dodgy stuff that goes on in the music industry. Tim Booth from the band "James" is another Morrissey hater.
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    7. vegan cro spirit 111
      vegan cro spirit 111


      by another unknown twat by the name of xiu xiu that is completely unknown.

      what the explanation for this FFS:censored:
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    8. Surface
      Any relation of yours??

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    9. gordyboy9
      we live in a world where people foist their favourite song on you and you HAVE to listen to it or your fucked in their eyes and you will never darken their door again.its so simple,if you like something,good,if you don't like something then its not so good.
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    10. marred
      Please let us all know when you work it out.
    11. Anonymous

      all mediocre NO talent TWATS:openmouth:

      something to trigger all the no talent sock puppet trolls circuambulating
      around the Mecca of their minds:grinning:
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    12. Anonymous
      Are you "Vegan Cro Spirit"? Thank you for posting the video it is such beautiful music.

      It seems that Peter Hook is another Morrissey hater. I found this article where Peter Hook calls Morrissey a "Twat": https://www.nme.com/news/music/new-order-76-1318485

      In this video Peter Hook talks about a Morrissey fan website. Peter Hook also talks about Rob Gretton's hatred for Morrissey:

      Tony Wilson seemed to have mixed love/hate feelings towards Morrissey. I don't know that much about Mark E. Smith but he seemed to be another hater. Marc Riley is definitely a Morrissey hater.
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    13. Surface
      So what, everyone has an opinion on everything, seems to be a common theme when it comes to Morrissey though.
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    14. Eldritch
      Yep, and it's not like Morrissey has an off-the-cuff insulting opinion about anybody else in the entertainment industry.
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    15. vegan cro spirit 111
      vegan cro spirit 111
      there are twats then you have your PETER HOOK TWAT:rolleyes:

      he knows the new order dudes need the computer chip to tour because they cant play
      instruments for their "music complete':lbf: and he erases the chip!!!! MUSIC INCOMPLETE!:lbf:

      what a senior twato_O
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    16. Nikita
      Like it or hate it, but musically, World Peace is far more interesting than Years of Refusal.
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    17. Peppermint
      I get your point about it being more sonically adventurous, but he could have composed it with a flugelhorn, a triangle and a didgeridoo and the songs would still have been mostly shite.
    18. vegan cro spirit 111
      vegan cro spirit 111

      poor troll:flamethrow:

      "Musically", not 'sonically' FFS

      sonically adventurous would meant he used the little cheap beat box :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: used to record the cometry album.doh:

      Moz uses a proper studio not cheap trinkets.:whip:
    19. Anonymous

      Christ you again. The Pet Shop Boys are anti semetic because they don't like Moz?
      You are mad
      Moz would have no interest in Brian Harvey you mental
      The Pet Shop Boys don't dislike morrissey and if anyone is anti semetic its Moz more than pet shop boys Liking Israel doesn't mean you like the jewish race as such
      Also the only thing Moz likes about Israel is the gay friendly aspect. That's it.
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    20. Glamorous Glue
      Glamorous Glue
      I enjoy all of Morrisseys solo LPs. I do think the last few albums have had more weaker tunes on them lately. They've tend to have more tunes that I skip over. In my opinion I think its 75% good to 25% bad songs. I do tend to like Years of Refusal more than World Peace, and I think this merely has to do where I was personally in my life when Refusal came out. Musically World Peace is more solid to me where lyrical Refusal hits me more personally.

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