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"I Thought You Were Dead

Celebrating this years Record Store Day release from the forthcoming album California Son.

Limited Edition T-shirt"
(Not currently showing on the US site).

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Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
They are quite decent quality. Some time ago I bought t-shirts one with Edith Sitwell other with just his name, plus a black and white varsity jacket. I don't buy many, because most of the designs are awful. Like this one for Record Store Day. I love Morrissey, but the merchandising design is not very tasteful, I am sorry to say.
I can remember buying the Edith sidwell t shirt early 90s I’m hoping and praying that some day I can get a moz t shirt with Maggie thatcher about to have her head smashed in by a cop on a horse with a batton. I would never take it off


can someone explain the significance of 'I thought you were dead' what am I missing.?
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