I started something I couldn't finish: the Smiths reunion that wasn't - The Guardian

A somewhat padded-out interview with Messrs Joyce and Gannon about the recent Classically Smiths debacle.

I started something I couldn't finish: the Smiths reunion that wasn't - The Guardian
Three former members of the indie band were due to reunite for a series of gigs that fell apart as soon as they were announced. Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon explain why they tried to make it happen


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I don't know if anyone has posted this before but someone wrote this 'below the line':

"The actual idea for this is brilliant. However, it needed to be professionally managed and not by people who haven't done anything on this scale before.

Lets not forget the terrible 1991 Smiths convention in Paris organised by Elliot Marks (yes I did attend this) which led to him being threatened with legal action by Morrissey so not a great track record to go on. Regardless of what you think of Mike and Craig this is not their fault that it didn't happen (looks like they were led down the wrong path). This is the sort of thing that really does tarnish a bands legacy."

It looks like the awful Smiths convention back in 1991 was held in Paris, France NOT in LA, California in the USA?

I personally don't think Elliot H. Marks or Joel Perry were the right people to promote and organise this event. I think the trouble is there are so many sharks in the music industry! I love music but I dislike like the 'industry' side of things the managers, promoters and so on. I think Mike Joyce, Craig Gannon and Andy Rourke all have a habit of surrounding themselves with 'industry' people who don't have their best interests at heart. Some years ago Andy Rourke had a terrible manager. These people are businessmen who care about making money but they don't care about the music, the creative process, the artists or the fans.
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