I shot a man in Reno...

joe frady

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...just to watch him die.



...just to watch him die.

all the way from your country you took it to the sky
you came up in my nation and you didn't say hi

are you just bein' that way thinkin' you're too fly
it's ok you know because I really won't cry

you had a mission to accomplish so I'll just sigh
perhaps next time you'll holla rather than just fly by

I hope this sucka took it and looked you right in the eye
so that you left so satisifed that you offed that guy

what he did musta left you hot as Fourth of July
at the end of the day we all know life's a pigsty

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Speaking as a Johnny Cash fan, I was DISGUSTED to recently learn that the "Cheer" from the prisoners on the "Live at Folsom prison" album during the Folsom song was Added later on to the recording......

Berloody cheating Criminals everywhere.....

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
You an Elvis fan joe?
Isn't everyone?
I do worship, but with certain nagging doubts, more about the man than the music. I aint much of a fan of (certain) Elvis fans neither.
Last week I heard Elvis' version of 'Blue Moon' on the radio, at 3 am. I turned up the volume, turned off all the lights and just thought ~ this man was from another planet.
Oh, and I agree with Christian Slater in 'True Romance'....


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I don't know how Cash could live with himself writing a line like that. Musta thought it was cool or somethin'
just to wash and dye
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