I see my post was deleted



How are you supposed to help when these informative posts about the state of the board and our options are deleted? This is the official moderator account for the board which i set up at the beginning of the moderation trial some 6 months ago, along with the email above which is the same as the one listed at the top of the page, which is a redicrect address.

I know who the current moderation team are at the moment, and i'm sad it has come to this. There was no reason to delete that post which took me a while to formulate, with no explanation why left in my mailbox or the moderator address, which i still hold possession of. So good luck carrying on with the board as how it stands soloers, as it isn't going to be changing.

Happy abusing!

Board Moderator
I also see the email address password has been changed

Talk about being shit upon for a great height, let some poor bastard do all the work, suggest a new person to do it then f*** me off the team? Nice work :) I'l tell you more tomorrow people about the whole moderation setup over the past few months, seeing i am no longer a part of it (without explanation).

A very aggrieved former moderator...
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