I need a high quality Bona Drag pic

Here you go. Let me know if you need it cropped or resized. I'm guessing the cakemaker will be putting the text on it? If not, let me know if you need text added to the image.
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That's what I'm thinking too. I don't know how they print those things on cakes, but seems like something will get cut.
Careful when sending the file to the baker.
If you upload this image somewhere and send them the link, there is a risk you might get something like this:



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Subject says it all. I'm looking to get a cake made for a party on Saturday with the Bona Drag cover art, minus the text, and instead have "Unhappy Birthday" written on it. Anyone have a good scan?
Take the image off of November Spawned a Monster in DVD format and airbrush it like they did for the BD cover.
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