i liked it when some of you listed your own under the influence compilations.


Harsh Truth


> please, can we have some more?

Sure. hmmmmmmmmm, off the top of my head......

1. "Six Days On The Road" Flying Burito Brothers
2. "Burning Love" Elvis Presley
3. "Olivers Army" Elvis Costello
4. "Baby Blue Eyes" Stray Cats
5. "I Hate People" Anti Nowhere League
6. "Carbona Not Glue" Ramones
7. "Marie Marie" The Blasters
8. "White Shoes" Ritchie and the Loosers
9. "Goodbye California" The Queers
10."J.A.R." Green Day
11."No Rules" GG Allin
12. "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" The Smiths

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