I like Johnny Marr


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Just to balance it out.

Johnny is a very talented songwriter and guitarist, and without him we never would have found Morrissey.

He's a great guy!


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One wouldn't think so.....

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I like him too. I love him, actually. He's fantastic. :)


I think he's rather down to earth.

Up until a few years ago (he might still be - unless he's retired) his dad was working for the gas board still, digging holes in the roads! And apparently he didn't *need* to but he just likes digging holes (he worked with my friend's boyfriend, who also dug holes, in case you were wondering how I knew that...).

See, a family that's so down to earth, they're actually under the ground.


You gotta love Johnny Marr! You cannot ressurect one band member of The Smiths and then not expect the rest...come on people!
Come on Johnny Marr's fecken amazing on every single Smith song...how many times has ever messed up in gigs? Not many...anyone can tell you that! He's a true inspiration!
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I've been listening to Johnny Marr + The Healers, lately. Whether Boomslang is a good or bad album, I find it quite addictive.


The Cribs with Johnny Marr stuff is still wayyy better than The Healers though!


Johnny's voice isn't that strong...saying that The Crib's lead singer is absolutely crap haha! Johnny is just better with his guitar work..that's what I've just accepted. Bernard Butler tried to do what Johnny Marr did solo in a similar way, that failed too!

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I love Johnny Marr!!!:guitar:

I like Mr Marr. I think with out him the Smiths would have been a lot less "street", for want of a better term and his talent must have been like air for Moz
The fact he was so young when he did all he did in The Smiths is remarkable, not only did he create music of such depth but he ran the band really.

I do feel he wasted himself for ages after the Smiths, I can't stand Electronic or the other stuff he did around that time- apart from a couple of songs with The The.

As I person Marr seems like a good man, he has raised his kids well (from what I can tell) and he seems like an intelligent chap, in a traditional sense I would say he is the brightest one out of all The Smiths.

Shame two men who had such a connection can't get together and make music again.
When I saw a youtube vid of Marr playing TCM it made me almost weep, for what was and what could have been.
Marr plays with such ease,skill and beauty that you can't help but feel that moz's back up band are a bunch of goons next to him.
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