I just wanted to interact with "genuine" folk, more than often northern

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You gotta say what you say, don't let anybody stan

But this place is full of freaky Americans who talk about things I have never even cared to think about (baseball I think is a pastime of theirs, "YAWNING LOUDER THAN I EVER HAVE IN MY LIFE, AS IVE NEVER HAD TO READ THE SHITE ON HERE UNTIL NOW" Sadder than sad comedy that makes a mockery of the art, elections,
Well look where the election led them, or should I more importanly say US.

For God Sake Britain, break ties with this nation of war mongerers.

One last redemption for Michael Howard, George Bush Junior would not meet him, as he had blatantly insulted his bum chum Blair.

Blair, bye bye.

I dont want Howard but you are wanted even less.

You lying scumbag piece of filth.
Taken this country into a war, for no other reason , than to support Bush.
He would have gone alone anyway, what's with the show of hands?
Shit in your own nest Tony.

Well I hope so..

If America want to play the BULLY boy tactics, leave them to it.

Why should we suffer for their mistakes.

I know for certain, it wont last for long.

Far greater forces are at work.

Those who really care less for life than Yanks care for imperialism.
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