I just received the following email. (no Moz content, just psycho content)

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  1. chill

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    Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that I know who the person is that this email is referring to? I will be calling the police about this.

    "I post occasionally on Morrissey-Solo. Today, I received a phone call from an anonymous person. I don't know how he/she got my number. This person stated that he/she is having thoughts of murdering you.

    Please be careful."
  2. chill

    chill Guest

    P.S. I'm fairly sure the email came from the suspect himself. Why would the person telephone an occasional anonymous poster to make death threats against me? That makes no fucking sense, but making sense is not this person's strong point.
  3. chill

    chill Guest

    The most hilarious thing anyone has ever said in chat (courtesy of Belligerent Fool)

    1 on 1: -Lipgloss and Sand 08:17:00
    End this OBSESSION you have with me. Seek therapy. Get over it. I don't like you. You road my coat-tails to a modicum of fame on this site, and that will vanish once I stop talking to you and leave you in the dust. I am a GIANT here. You are not. Be yourself. Be your best self, not someone who gets into troll wars, quasi death threats, and stuff that only causes emotional distress, brings about bad karma, and injects nothing positive into this world. Get a life outside of here, Mindy. I have started to, and I know you can to.


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