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i'm so excited about your new reality show, parrie!

Dear Judgy,

England's a trip! Everything's small and old but why is everybody speaking Australian? I so needed English boyfriend like Gwen Stefani and I've been texting Prince Harry to "help him get though his breakup" so who knows I might become a real Princess! If that happens I'm so never letting a French guy drive me through a tunnel because that often ends badly.

I'm going to Japan next because I dig sumo wrestlers! I like my men the way I like my Jello: pink and jiggly!




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I love you, P!
dave = troll dave go away too dave has bacne dave really is paris dave's not paris go away robby i can tag too i love paris i'm paris! jello fever jello sex <3 nrith + robby = love nrith does not douche paris + dave = love paris hilton = dave paris loves everybody! that's hot
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