I got tickets to the Royal Albert Hall concert!!!!!

Oh my God! Those tickets went out fast. I was nervous like hell, and failed to get standing tickets, but what the neck!

My third Morrissey gig. Quart, Roundhuse, now the Royal Albert Hall. I seem to be moving up in the world! Could this be the best?


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Seems you are one of a lucky few! I missed out and I know many others did too. Did you get standing or seating? Standing tickets seemed to be sold out before they were even on sale?


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Is this the thread where we can start posting rude envious comments? :mad:

Just kidding, congrats and have fun! :guitar:
Yes, you may all join in on the butchering!!

Right now I`m in seven heaven, so I would not have noticed anyway.

I`ll be travelling from Norway for the second time to see him.

Zinc Alloy

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I had the same problems on SeeTickets as other people have had, by the time I entered my details the tickets had gone. Luckily a friend at work managed to find a circle seat on Ticketmaster, not the best seat in the place but a damn sight better than no ticket at all. I was shaking while booking it, me boss was in the room at the time, I was thinking "Christ, don't turn around and see what I'm doing!", still haven't quite calmed down yet.


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Managed to get tickets through Ticketmaster. In the circle but at least I'm going! :guitar:


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I'm still shaking with nerves/excitement - we got standing tickets.


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Am buzzing my head off! Just got gallery for RAH from their box office. I'd swap em for 2 standing Manchester tix but for now - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring-Heeled Ian

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I got tickets too!! Rang the Royal Albert Hall box office on the off chance and got 2x gallery standing! Im shaking with excitment! Manchester would have been nice but after the sold out disapointment this makes up for it :)

Irish Budd

Oh well.Enough said.
I just got on to the box office and they told me the tickets are all sold out.
Not having much luck today..:mad:


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Looks like gallery tickets available on gigsntours. Nose Bleeeeed.

I was ready to take anything they offered! Normally I'd be turning down gallery but I couldn't get anything else so I'm just glad to be going. Course, I'd swap em for Manc tix ;)
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