I give up



An hour of so called "Best of Reading" on MTV2.

What bollocks.

Despite appearing on the listings, he didn't appear. Unlike bloody Green Day and Darkness who have now just come on with more footage, and they were both on at the start.

Waste of time.
A clip of HSIN was on

There was one minute of HSIN during the Access All Areas show. (9.20 til 9.21 by my BST clock) First verse and one chorus and then back to those two Queens Of Noise females and MORE Green Day.

If they're just repeating the same show throughout the week then it's scheduled as follows:

SUN 10-11pm
MON 9-10pm
TUE 10-11pm
WED 9-10pm
THU 10-11pm
FRI 9-10pm
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