I found Morrissey!


fades into the background
Here he is in his bedroom, rehearsing for the next tour. :thumb:

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This is the funniest cover ive seen!!


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"Please accept this award for giving us ecstasy, E."

(sod/ God: hey, nice rhyme!!! Bet noone had thought of that one!:horny:)

(edit/ not totally unrelated, check out Elvis singing "viva la vida" in a Nemo environment...)
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Thats what happens when you skip your medication, :lbf::lbf::lbf::lbf:

I must send those lyric changes to Moz i'm sure he'd prefer them to his version, ;)

I feel sorry for his neighbours.

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I would pay good money to see him.
BEST M cover for years.
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though this is better,i think

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