I didn't realize there were that many demos from Moz's solo career?

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  1. JDW

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    Sep 23, 2014
    Hi everybody, after finding out through this site and google in general, I never knew there had been so many offical/unoffical releases through bootlegs or whatever of demos from sessions such as Vauxhall and I and even songs that never left demo phase for example born to hang & lancashire home and album cuts like why don't you find out for yourself or even later tracks like irish blood, english heart. I'm wondering if anybody knows what's out there at the moment. What sessions from what albums and any stand alone sessions, what demos are out there?

    Anybody know?

  2. Anonymous

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    well its all he does with almost all of his time so it stands to reason hes got a lot of output and being moz most of it is worth while. I couldn't list them all without having to look up something but you might try the collects bit on this site as ive seen some interesting stuff go through there and they don't always come and check out the rest of the site so check there as well. hope I was at all helpful

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