Morrissey Central "I Danced Myself In To The Loo" (October 6, 2022)



I guess there isn’t an awful lot to do in Stockton during a day off except drink in your hotel room and post pointless videos.

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And here I thought we were gonna see him do some fancy footwork with gene Kelly. But no, just a static image. How dumb.


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You move my sharply insightful germane gibberish to the dreaded off-topic phantom zone and yet have the aggravating affrontery to emit this noxious nonsense nonstory on the homepage like Pepe Le Pew flatulating liquid gas after a rancid tin of cat food. I don't know whether to end my alliteratively astute analysis with a question mark or exclamation. The next Moz single will be titled 'Life Is Off Topic'.
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it is what it is,did anyone think there was going to be a dance-off with M and gene kelly.
skinny has been awol since the tour started,he will be spitting feathers because its going so well.


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At this point, it's as meaningless of a statement as I Am Veronica "about to be released as a single," said back in May.
Or The Cure saying they promise the new album will be out by October. Oops off topic.

At least Suede delivered (big time).


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he's not even really moving on stage (or even in this awful image where he is floating in the air/no shadow work). what is this bs? i don't understand what camp moz thinks is good anymore. where is the album already?


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What do these things even mean? This is beginning to annoy tf out of me.
Having done social media work for other bands, none as good as Morrissey, I still came up with better things than this and engaged with fans every single day, ESPECIALLY when there was a tour going on and new material coming out.
Call me, Moz ☎️ 📞
Actually, Alain is a very good band ambassador, he has been posting a lot of good things and Moz should just leave Alain to it and tell Sam to go do something else and stay away from his social media.
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