'I Am Veronica' lyrics

T. H. Auden

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Traditionally, it would be prostitution - aka being 'on the game', also known as the oldest profession in the world (which would certainly predate America).
Or just entertainment in general
A prostitute would generally be in the flat at the top of the building (ie the cheapest one). So the character in the song is asking her clientele to ring the bell at the top of them all at the entrance door.
In my country the top flat/penthouse is usually the most expensive one. It's interesting with these cultural differences


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I think like a lot of Morrissey's lyrics, it can be about mutliple things at once. The surface 'prostitute named Veronica' reading is certainly present, and there has already been some great analysis on this thread (I must admit thinking about the connection between 'bell ringing' and clitoris tickling, but was too shy to put it, so glad I'm not the only one). I think the verse about animals may well be encouraging someone (possibly a younger Morrissey with all his hangups) to get with it and join in with nature and their natural urges (birds do it, beeds do it - even educated dolphins, fish and owls do it). An acceptance of physical sexuality has certainly been a recurring theme since 'Ringleader' and 'At Last I A Born'.

At the same time I can certainly see elements of Morrissey casting himself in the role of 'musical prostitute' ( as I believe Freddie Mercury once referred to himself). Here are my musical wares, he entices the listener/record companies: this could be your last chance, so download my songs into your pocket device and love me, love me, as you'll miss me when Im gone. Again, a recurring Morrissey theme. Heck, he'll even play harmonica.

There's also a touch of just persuading people to more generally let go of the routine and follow their dreams, with the stuff about make their mark and become the spark. It reminds me of one of the few decent lines in 'List of the Lost': Look at the blue of the sky and tell me why you held back. Did you think there would one day be a bluer sky and a better hour?

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The song is extremely catchy — it’s certainly imbedded itself in my brain and won’t let loose. I feel like it’s surprisingly uplifting? My first thought regarding the subject matter was Veronica Lake, before actually hearing it. Agree about the prostitution theme… perhaps some thinly veiled reference to LA Confidential? 😂

Regardless, I’m so thankful it’s out in the ether! Finally. 💕


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I thought it was about a prostitute when we first heard a snippet and he said the game I play is older than America


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and the thing about pressing your finger hard on the top bell is totally morrissey style innuendo
It is and sometimes he uses nature/animals as euphemism for sex, not sure if euphemism is the right word and I am totally ok with being corrected.:ahhh:
The top bell could be literal too, there is a UK site where johns, I guess also known as punters because it's punternet or something review prostitutes (rad fems directed me to this site and started reading and could not believe the men who cannot believe these women are really just in it for the money and don't really like them, so the negative reviews range from comical to disturbing and I got a little too interested). I've read it a few times and a they describe the premises as part of the review and say which bell you ring or talk about ringing the bell to be let in, so I was wondering of M reads there when's he's bored too lol


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With so many predicting M's demise, this is really triumphant and Alain's back up is amazing- M's best and true musical partner by far, Stephen Street was such a great collaborator too, this is really so exciting.


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Singing is also a profession older than America, and it is what Morrissey does.

And she is one of his favorites….

Veronica Yvette Greenfield (née Bennett; August 10, 1943 – January 12, 2022), known professionally ...

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