I am selling my tickets for the Halloween Show

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2004 (read-only)' started by nancy, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. nancy

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    so i'm not gonna make it.
    i like MOZ but really i'm not that much of a fan to drive to the Inland Empire and miss out on the halloween mayhem that will occur in Santa Barbara.
    so, i'm selling my two SEAT TICKETS.
    they are LOGE 6, ROW K, Seats 21 and 22!
    they're for 25 each.
    i heard there will be WAY more bands that day and the show starts at 3p.m.
    i have a paypal account but i would prefer it if someone in the L.A. area would just meet with me and exchange cash for tickets.
    simple, yes?
    ok GO! who wants them?
  2. me

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  3. So captivating it repeats itself.

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