"I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" released (March 20, 2020)

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Morrissey's 13th solo studio album being recorded was first mentioned in SER's interview with Morrissey June 24, 2019 and then formally announced November 28, 2019.
It was recorded at Studio La Fabrique in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France and additional work (like Thelma's vocals) was done at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, California. It was produced by Joe Chicarelli who stated about his 4th Morrissey album:

“This is his boldest and most adventurous album yet. He has pushed the boundaries yet again - both musically and lyrically.
And once again proving that as a songwriter and singer, he is in his own category.
In truth, no one can be Morrissey but… Morrissey!”

The official Morrissey mailing list email from March 20 cites the following reviews in its promotion:


“Morrissey delivers his best music in years” - AP*
"His best album in years." - NME
"As great as anything he has ever written." - THE TELEGRAPH
“A mature work, the album stands apart in his catalog, displaying a hard-fought air of confidence that defies his roots in misery.” - RIFF MAGAZINE
"Hungry, tenacious & valid" - XS Noise
“Arguably his strongest collection in years.” - Louder Than War Magazine
"Ideal quarantine record.” - The Post Millennial
“An 11 track outing which quite frankly is one of his best albums to date... it sees him in fine form, with witty and acerbic lyrics, and a rich baritone voice that appears to be actually getting stronger the older he gets." -
Wall Of Sound"

(*AP = Associated Press)

Album promotional poster (Leeds):


( :camera: clever.swine / IG)

The main 3 formats available today:
(Clear vinyl, 'Test Presses" & cassettes haven't been sighted yet).


( :camera: Denisc1 / IG)

There is no matrix message on either version of the above vinyl.

The front cover art is credited, again, to Liam Lynch (using an image by Christopher Stewart of Morrissey at Manchester G-MEX, December 22, 2006).
The rear cover is by John Fekner and is described on his site as:

"In the summer of 1980, John Fekner stencils Broken Promises, Falsas Promesas, Decay, Broken Treaties, Last Hope and Save Our School on the walls and buildings of Charlotte Street in the South Bronx. The message of the Charlotte Street Stencils focuses on pointing out the deteriorating conditions and issues that plagued the community since the 1960s. Fekner’s main purpose is to bring attention to inadequate housing, poor services and deplorable social problems that afflicted the neighborhood residents for decades."


For a gallery of this project and further details - please see: here.

For the liner notes and lyrics - see: here.

The initial assertion that the red vinyl was 'indie' record shops only changed later to include HMV - who are selling all 3 formats above.

More reviews are expected and please see the tag link to follow them as they come in.




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The bill poster company who put up the album display in Leeds need sacking...have you noticed the ripples?
Bad workmanship there, balanced only by a great album.

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the album arrived this minute, delivered by our friendly postman who was wearing a face mask. it's now in proactive infrared quarantine before it is thoroughly desinfected...

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some excerpts from german reviews:

"morrissey doesnt rest on his cult status. instead, he proves once again that he is a versatile and highly creative artist. the new album is the proof."

"lookin at his songs, morrissey is a great artist".

"...scores a real coup".


Listened all the way through. I’ve been critical of his past few efforts but this is fucking fabulous. Any critic who gives this less than 3/5 stars is obviously grading by their personal feelings towards him. This release is engaging , a joy to listen to...What I like the most is the songwriting within the last 1/3 part of each song , they swell and grab and pull you in .... dog on a chain is probably my most favorite song since First of the gang .... 4.5/5


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Where's is Skinny's review then?

Famous when dead

A big thank you to 'thesmithsandmorrisseyrarities' for being the first to showcase the clear vinyl & cassette (see their IG page for the cassette):




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Just a note for the trolls who can't cope with how great this album is:

If you're gonna run home and cry
Then don't waste my time
If you're gonna kill yourself
Then to save face
Get on with it


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Just a note for the trolls who can't cope with how great this album is:

If you're gonna run home and cry
Then don't waste my time
If you're gonna kill yourself
Then to save face
Get on with it
Everyone has the right to their own opinion Mozmar. If you think its great, that's your opinion if others don't, that's their opinion and doesn't make them a troll.
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