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I'm sorry Gregor Samsa for deleting your thread.
No worries! I even voted in this poll. Sorry, I’m scattered.
After 2 listening, i think it's the worst album of morrissey's carrier. Too much compression, Bad production as usual with Joe, no Real Melody, awful cover. I Iike High school and World peace but not this one. Perhaps, i Can save 'i'm not a dog' and 'what kind of people'. Painful

Perhaps you should try to save your grammar first, Captain....
LOVE the album but has anyone else noticed in the LP version there are LOADS of errors in the lyrics - some quite strange ones where lines are just plainly left out - I found this quite disappointing and imagine Moz would be upset by this too.

I was just noticing this too... I wonder if the printed ones are earlier versions that were changed in the recording...
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