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By Famous when dead on Jan 10, 2020 at 12:42 PM
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    Following on from the Amazon thread, Crash indicate:

    Morrissey – I Am Not A Dog On A Chain:
    CD Album,
    Standard Black Vinyl LP or
    Indies Exclusive Coloured Vinyl LP

    The vinyl colour that is exclusive to indies is to be confirmed (but rumour has it: clear red vinyl edit: now confirmed as clear red vinyl):

    Release Date Friday 20th March

    I Am Not A Dog On A Chain

    CD Album £11.99
    Standard Black Vinyl LP £19.99
    Indies Exclusive Coloured Vinyl LP £19.99
    (colour to be confirmed)


    Jim Jim Falls
    Love Is On Its Way Out
    Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know
    I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
    What Kind of People Live in These Houses?
    Knockabout World
    Darling, I Hug A Pillow
    Once I Saw the River Clean
    The Truth About Ruth
    The Secret of Music
    My Hurling Days Are Done

    There is no second disc as Amazon first indicated.

    The press release (cut and paste from the Warner's sales portal) doing the rounds with the album details is brief:

    "First new studio album since 2017, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain was recorded at La Fabrique in France in 2018. The eleven track album, which was produced by Joe Chiccarelli, launches officially on the 10th of January 2020 and will be released on Friday 20th March 2020."


    Piccadilly Records now list it too with the same information (and have added It's Over to buy on the 24th too):


    Same via Rough Trade (they, too, have added It's Over 7"):


    Amazon (UK), since last night, now have the CD & black vinyl versions added and listed separately.

    Now for something via superdeluxe and it brings a couple of exclusives too.

    Clear vinyl:
    And an exclusive cassette.
    All found here - this is official and is a portal to buy pretty much everything except the indie red vinyl:


    As linked to here:

    There is an extended bit of press release there and Joe is quoted:

    ‘I Am Not A Dog On A Chain’ was produced by the Grammy Award-winning producer Joe Chicarelli (Beck, The Strokes, The Killers). It was recorded during sessions at Studio La Fabrique in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France and Sunset Sound in Hollywood, California.

    "I have now produced four studio albums for Morrissey,” said Chicarelli. “This is his boldest and most adventurous album yet. He has pushed the boundaries yet again - both musically and lyrically. And once again proving that as a songwriter and singer, he is in his own category. In truth, no one can be Morrissey but… Morrissey!”

    So, to summarise:
    Digital download,
    Black vinyl,
    Mporium w/l 'test pressing' (Limited to 100 copies?),
    Indie only clear red vinyl,
    Website only clear vinyl,
    Website only cassette.

    Apologies for the long post, lots of information happened at the same time.

    For the press release in full, please see here via Shorefire.com:


    (link courtesy of @JoeSellMozza).

    Central's post:
    Morrissey Central: "Album Pre Order Links" - January 11, 2020
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Jan 10, 2020.

    1. everyday

      "I have now produced four studio albums for Morrissey,” said Chiccarelli. “This is his boldest and most adventurous album yet. He has pushed the boundaries yet again - both musically and lyrically. And once again proving that as a songwriter and singer, he is in his own category. In truth, no one can be Morrissey but… Morrissey!”


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    2. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Just like Alain to photobomb this family photo, the nerve of some folks!

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    3. Surface
      Nice of Alain to make time for Boz’s mums funeral, looks like it was a celebration of her life rather than a sad affair. Shame Morrissey's appearance fee was more than Boz wanted to pay though.
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    4. Surface
      Apparently that’s Alains dad to the right of him.
    5. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Couldn’t Boz afford it?

      Too bad, because I’m sure his mom would have liked to have had Morrissey there. I mean, he did help her son to have a financially secure career in music to support himself and his family.

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    6. ordinaryboy86

      I’ve got no problems with his voice. It’s the band and production I hate. The lyrics are naff at times too, ‘they say nothing to me about my life’, anymore. And that’s a shame seeing how most of us got into Moz cos his lyrics were relatable. What’s he singing about now tho? Who are bobby and Jackie, and why should we care. Everyone used to debate Jackie on ere, and wondering who he meant, “did he mean himself?? Oooh interesting” like some clever ambiguous hidden meaning. It was a shit song about some random bird that no ones heard of. I don’t care about hump back whales or tel aviv, and I don’t like being told to “Stop watching the news”, either, I want thought provoking lyrics that force me to make my own mind up, one way or the other, did he ever once say “don’t eat meat” on meat is murder.
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    7. Anonymous
      100%. That is when I lost interest. Those classic songs were amazing. A reunion of the lads. That would be amazing.
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    8. Anonymous
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    9. King Leer
      King Leer
      Nah, it's exactly the 1990s free-with-Windows-software level graphic design I loved on Moz bootleg covers back then and which warms the cockles of my heart now.

    10. Free D
      Free D
      .......................I Am Not A Dog On A Chain........................
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    11. Johnnie Ray
      Johnnie Ray
      Grandpa Sings the Blues
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    12. carlislebaz
      You never know, moz could have been at the service and then swerved the doo!!! Who knows
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    13. marred
      Looks like a 2015 photo.
    14. marred
      Quarry doesn't do much for me either but there are some great songs on it. Refusal is a much better album.
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    15. Luji
    16. Vic Strangeways
      Vic Strangeways
      I much prefer Steven's meme inspired second choice of cover.
      It's aesthetically better and millennials would get drawn to it.
      Fingers crossed it'll see the light of day as a deluxe or RSD edition.

      Last edited: Jan 11, 2020
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    17. gordyboy9
      that's the way funerals should be,take it the old boy is his dad.rip to the old dear.
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    18. gordyboy9
      nah its Jeremy Corbyn.
    19. gordyboy9
      as I said yesterday,alain was getting it in the neck for his terrible lyrics on another thread yesterday.
      don't know if this has been mentioned but in the lead up to the song starting theres two ger oura here and what sounds like fuck you,wonder if this was recorded on the hoof or is it taken from a film.
    20. gordyboy9
      those were the good days of having to find and search for things,everything is too easily accessible these days.
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