I am Not a Dog on a Chain one year later

Once I Saw The River Clean is classic worthy
My Hurling Days... is wonderful. Even my 4 year old loves the part about Mama and Teddy Bear
Honestly I enjoy all the songs except for one
Once I Saw The River Clean is classic worthy
My Hurling Days... is wonderful. Even my 4 year old loves the part about Mama and Teddy Bear
Honestly I enjoy all the songs except for one
Which one is the exception? What Kind of People Live in These Houses?
I like it a lot, but I still can't avoid to notice the poor lyrics of Love is on its way out and Knockabout world everytime I listen to them. If it wasn't for that, they would be good songs. The secret of music is still too long and I'm not that fond of The truth about Ruth and Jim Jim falls, which aren't bad, but neither that good. For the rest, I love it.
Morrissey's 13th studio album, I am Not a Dog on a Chain is now a year old. It was widely considered to be his greatest album since at least Ringleader of the Tormentors by the forum. Now that we've had a year to live with it, what does everybody think? Personally, I still consider it to be a superb release, and in his top 5 albums.
I haven't heard it yet. D'ya reckon it's worth a listen?
It’s uneven, but still a huge improvement from WPINOYB and LIHS (without a doubt his worst ever albums). Might not sound like much, but it is. Some really great songs (Secret, River, Hurling, Knockabout), some that are absolute shit (Bobby, Ruth, Love is, title track - all rank among his very worst), and some that are neither.

More importantly, his warmth and empathy made somewhat of a comeback. That’s the biggest takeaway for me (there are exceptions to this, however - Jim being one of the most blatant/painful).

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I listened to it every day for a couple of months when lockdown first commenced and there's not a song I don't like. I even like The Joy Of Music. I intend to promote it to vinyl status when the shops re open. I don't know why it puts me in the same place as Meat Is Murder. It may be because I also listened to that album at a time when I didn't have many people around me and it was a new, scary phase of my life, just as lockdown was this time around. Similar feelings of being insignificant and powerless. My favourites are River and What Kind Of People. If you listen to the music of What Kind Of People while admiring the distant view of the city from the top of the hill at the cemetry, it is quite expansive. I also think Morrissey pulled a coup with the music of River in that the precisely strummed guitar sounds as good as any of the guitaring Johnny overdubbed in Electronic. I also like The Truth about Ruth. It reminded me of a funeral march in some parts. It was funny, because once when I was listening to that song, there was a small socially distanced funeral cortege solemnly passing in front of me and they seemed to be walking in time with the music. So that has stuck. I haven't listened to the album for a while, but will look forward to doing so again when I buy the vinyl.
One year on, and it still sounds fantastic. As a whole listening experience it holds together wonderfully well. If you don’t like this album, you don’t like music.
Giving it the acid test by playing it start to finish for the first time this year.
I haven't heard it yet. D'ya reckon it's worth a listen?
I’d start with the one called Vauxhall and I, and then explore The Smiths. Then try this one.
It's my favourite album since Vauxhall, but maybe I'm weird!
You’re not weird; it’s his most balanced and consistent LP since Vauxhall. I personally might have it just behind Maladjusted and World Peace in terms of overall quality.
Certainly a small step forward compared to LIHS and WPINOYB but for my ears also far away from his best works. The furious title track stands out by far. "Knockabout World" and "Jim Jim Falls" are good but I don't understand the hype about "Hurling Days" and "River Clean". "Bobby" and "Love is on it's way out" are unlistenable for me. With "Secret of Music" he overestimates himself and the rest is nice filler at best.
While it's not perfect, it's a strong album and shows that Morrissey still has something to say.

I think the production and musicianship is pretty impressive and it was an inspired choice to invite Thelma Houston to make a guest appearance.

If My Hurling Days are Done proves to me the final song on his final album, it will be a fine and fitting way to finish.

Love is On It's Way Out is my least favourite track.
I still think it's one of the best things he's ever done. I hadn't listened to Morrissey for years having not liked his last couple of efforts very much. This was a complete 180 for me; it had me hooked right from the beginning. It's accessible, nostalgic, and the lyrics are not as political as they have been on the previous couple of albums. For me, there isn't a single dud on this album!
I listened to it again yesterday for only the third time. I'm afraid I still don't like it for all the same reasons I didn't like it a year ago. It remains one of his most disappointing albums, down there with YOR and the second half of LIHS.
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