I Am Not A Dog On A Chain: 2 years on

T. H. Auden

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I was (and still am) underwhelmed, however there is part of I am not a Dog on a chain (the song) that is genius. I replay the same bit over and over!

Or maybe I'll be skinned alive
By canada goose
Because of my views
Because of the truth
Because of my fleece
Because of my niece
Like drinking ink
The words explode
Fattening fists
Louder than blows
Fattening fists
Louder than blows
The dead are dead
Ice cold and hard to
Where they can't be overcharged
They have no breath
They have no eyes
At least they won't be going twice
Isn't it "fatter than fists, louder than blows" and "dying twice"?
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